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Custom bags

Custom Bags


Non woven reusable bags with a laminated print are an interesting option in terms of return on investment. They offer the possibility to print a large array of multicolor designs using high resolution pictures. This product is ideal to efficiently promote your brand awareness.

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Custom Bags

Matt Laminated

Non woven reusable bags with a matt lamination offer similar characteristics but the end result is non-glossy. This gives the bags a luxurious and high quality appearance. The thickness of the bag can be increase to give a stiffer and high quality feel to the product.

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Custom Bags

Glossy Laminated

Woven polypropylene reusable bags are long lasting, eco-friendly and among the most durable on the market today. The sturdy material combined with the nylon handles are key features for a long lasting product. A wide range of complex designs are available for print using 4 color print process technology.

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Custom Bags


Non woven foldable reusable bags are soft, practical and very resistant. The reinforced bottom allows you to carry heavy loads without altering the shape of the bag. They are compact and easy-to-carry, making them very popular with active people. Screen printing the ideal choice to customize the bags.

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Custom Bags

Screen Printing

Non woven reusable bags are flexible, soft and are a cost effective option. Screen printing allows you to print logos and information, making it an ideal choice in terms of return on investment. It is possible to print up to 4 colors and use the entire surface of the bag.

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Custom Bags


With polyester reusable bags you can either use silk screen printing of embroidery to customize your bag. The polyester fiber is soft, flexible and one of the most resistant on the market. It is an ideal choice for a distinctive high quality product that will have a long lifespan.

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Custom Bags


Reusable thermal bags allow you to keep food cool from the grocery store to your home. In order to preserve food freshness, they are fitted with a zipper combined with insulating foam and aluminum. A very useful product that can be used as a lunch box for work or school.

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Custom Bags


Cotton reusable bags are made from a natural fiber, making these even more environmentally friendly. They are available in beige without any dyes or in a wide range of earth tone colors. You can also choose from an array of different thicknesses. Screen printing is an ideal choice for personalizing this bag.

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Custom Bags


Jute reusable bags are made from a natural fiber with a rigid and resistant texture. This gives them a unique and original appearance. They are available in a wide range of custom-made models. This fiber is eco-friendly making it an environmental oriented choice.

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Custom Bags


Custom reusable bags designed to carry wine bottles are an excellent choice to give away as a gift. They can be designed to carry a single or multiple bottles. They can also be customized with the company logo.

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Custom Bags


Paper bags are a cost effective solution to promote your business. They can be manufactured with recycled materials and you can choose the thickness of the paper.

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Custom Bags


These frosted transparent plastic bags offer an alternative to differentiate your business with an original product. They are available in several sizes and thicknesses.

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