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The Team was established in 2004, specializing in manufacturing custom reusable bags for clients in Canada and the United States. We have developed an expertise with non woven polypropylene bags, woven polypropylene bags, canvas bags as well as cotton bags.

Our established client base is composed of numerous nationwide companies, government organizations as well as smaller local businesses. Our success has been achieved in great thanks to our customers and many referrals over the past years.



We believe in environmentally friendly products as a way of life, such as the use of reusable bags on a daily basis. Increase awareness of the negative effects of disposable plastic bags in our society. We also believe in being part of the solution, as a direct key player.

We pride ourselves on our close relationship with our clients and take special measures to assist them from the simple idea phase to the final delivery of their custom reusable bags. We even stay in close contact with our customers once the sale in made to make sure they implement the project successfully and maximize the use and return on investment of the reusable bags.



Annually, an estimated 500 billion to a trillion disposable bags are consumed worldwide. The majority of these plastic bags end up in landfills. Reusable bags (LINK PAGE CUSTOM BAGS) are a great solutions to this problem while allowing consumers to keep branded bags for very a long period of time.

Many governments around the world are considering implementing measures to reduce the consumption of disposable bags in major cities. Offering a reusable bag (LINK PAGE CUSTOM BAGS) to your clients is a way to show the green side of your company values.

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The Team